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Canada Immigration
Consultants in Chennai
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Best Immigration Consultants In Chennai
Novus Immigration is a transparent Canada Immigration
Consultants in Chennai with advice you can trust. The team
delivers professional, regulated, and efficient service with a
clear goal to give you the guidance to complete your
immigration process on-time and successfully get your
Canada PR visa Or another visa you needed.
Get your children a better future. They deserve it.
Regulated Canadian Immigration Chennai. Free Evaluation.
Now serving Chennai - Know the truth about your chances.
You are NOT a file number. You know why - we know-how!

Canada Immigration Consultants in Chennai
Canaan Services provides the process for Canada
Permanent Residency for those who want to migrate to
Canada. We do the Canada Immigration process within 6
Study - Live - Work Abroad! Immigration Consultants for
Canada. Fast Processing.
Government Approved. ICCRC & MARA. Hassle - Free
Process. Professional Consultants.
Trusted Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Chennai ICCRC Gov. Registered Lawyers. Call Us Now!

Get a free consultation with
IRCC registered consultants in
Chennai who are nothing but
the best Canada Immigration
Consultants in Chennai!



Our Canada Immigration Services:

Skilled Immigration
Business Immigration
PR Immigration
Visit Visa.

Benefits of Best Immigration Consultants in
Chennai for Canada:
Finally, you have made up to your mind to immigrate to
Canada. For Canada immigration, there are certain things
that cannot be ignored. The immigration is the first and
foremost thing that you need to apply for the right visa that
can make your entry to Canada. Lodging the visa
application to acquire a visa can be done by you but it
involves a lot of time and stress. So it is suggested to hire a
Canada Immigration Consultants in Chennai who helps you
completely in the entire process to obtain Canadian Visa.

What Does Canadian Immigration Consultants From
Chennai Do?
It is the complete responsibility of the consultant to help
you with all the required processes of Canadian visa
application process. The consultant has in depth knowledge
and extensive training in all the simple complex
requirements of applying for the visa. He guides you
through the process and transforms the hassled process
into a breeze. For all the services at an affordable
consulting fee for his involvement in the migration visa
process is indeed a fair deal.

Top Benefits Of Hiring An Immigration Consultants in
Pick Novus Immigration Consultants in Chennai for is a
full-service immigration consultant. We are a licensed
immigration agency in Chennai and as part of our
immigration services; we also provide personal one-on-one
counseling to about 40,000+ individual inquiries every
month for migrating, study, and work visas @
Novus Immigration Chennai is one of the reliable
immigration consulting companies and considered as one
of the Best Immigration Consultants in Chennai for Canada.

Save Time and Money With Novus:
Immigration Consultants at Novus Immigration Chennai
help you to save time and money and will let you know
which Canadian visa is appropriate for you. The
Immigration Consultants in Chennai assure their personal
guidance in each and every step throughout the process.
Acquiring a visa can be much easier and faster if you
involve the services of a Novus immigration consultant.

Immigration Consultants Professional Guidelines:
The immigration consultants at Novus immigration Chennai
are subject to a Code of Ethical Conduct that designates
the right procedures. According to the code and the
specialists will follow the strict rules concerning quality
service, professionalism, ethical practice, and
confidentiality. Breaching these codes is considered an act
of non-compliance. This proves that you are in safe hands
and you will receive trustworthy services for Canada
immigration consultants in Chennai.
Within a smooth workflow of an Canada Immigration
Consultants in Chennai , Novusimmigrationchennai

Avoid asking these questions!

1. Don’t ask: “Can you offer me an easy immigration
The process of immigration to Canada is challenging. Why?
Simply put, millions of people want to immigrate to
Canada. However, Canada can accept a limited number of
immigrants every year. Therefore, they put many measures
to cherry-pick the best candidates. For example, some of
the typical requirements include the following:
Knowledge of either English or French languages: To verify
language abilities, you need to take an official test and get
high scores. Unless you master one of those languages,
none of the existing tests is easy.

Post-secondary education: If you do not hold a
post-secondary credential, you will have limited options to
immigrate to Canada. Regardless, you need to evaluate your
credentials via specific organizations. Of course, this takes
time and money.
Past work experience: Imagine going back to your employers
one by one and asking for work reference letters.
Financial documents: Think about collecting bank statements,
business financial statements, etc.
Background information: You need police certificates from
every country that you lived for a long time. Of course, the
immigration authorities must make sure you are not

2. Don’t ask: “Can I immigrate quickly?”
When Express Entry was introduced in 2015, the system
was intended to enable faster processing of immigration
applications. IRCC aimed to process 80 percent of all
Express Entry immigration applications in six months or
less. Notably, the time it takes for IRCC to process a
permanent residence application is only one part of the
Express Entry process. So, you should anticipate that the
entire process will be longer than the average processing
time listed above for the permanent residence application.

3. Don’t ask: “Can you offer me a cheap immigration
I hate to break it to you, but immigration to Canada is
costly. Of course, if you decide to do it yourself, you do not
need to pay professional fees to a practitioner.
So if you are going to use a paid service, it is implied that
your profile should remain in the hands of experienced
professionals, after all, would you allow an inexperienced
doctor the chance to operate without the necessary
credentials or experience? So why would you risk your
chances of starting a new life to save a couple of dollars?
Contact us today to receive a free consultation call or
simply fill-up our assessment form for a free eligibility

4. Don’t ask: “Can you guarantee my success?”
The decision-maker is an immigration officer, not the
immigration practitioner: How can you expect the
middle-man to guarantee the decisions of the authorities in
Whether we like it or not, the immigration officers can
incorporate their discretion in the decision-making process.
Of course, they have to follow the immigration law, but the
law leaves room for them to decide. Even courts rarely
interfere with the job of an immigration officer.
Sometimes unforeseen issues result in refusal or rejection
of an application. For example, Canada may exit an

Visit Our Service:

Website: www.novusimmigrationchennai.com/
Call us: +91 9606500972
Address: Old.No.9, New.No.17, Seethamma Road,
Seetammal Colony, Alwarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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