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Turbine Manufacturing Companies in India
Everything you would like to grasp regarding Single Stage Steam Turbines
Manufacturers in India.
NCON steam turbine industry in India is instrumental in providing an intensive
vary of Single Stage Steam Turbines. The offered steam turbines are a fixture
on most method industries for an extended time. These steam turbines area
unit developed by mistreatment top quality material and trendy techniques as
per set norms. Our patrons will avail these steam turbines on varied
specifications at reasonable rates.

Who is best Turbine manufacturing companies in India?
NconTurbines.com - Leading Single Stage Steam Turbines Manufacturers in
NCON Back pressure steam turbine manufacturers in India could be a leading
manufacturer and provider of reliable hydropower systems and turbine
generator. every {steam rotary engine turbine} system includes a turbine, a
generator, and therefore the applicable controller for the dimensions and
output of the system.

We offer competitive rating and wonderful client service since 1987. Our
systems associate with years of guarantee on generators.
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Working, Features, & Specialties of NCON alike Turbine manufacturing
Unique options of steam turbine industry in India:
1. The Steam turbine manufacturers in India is best in providing Steam
turbines in a very form of sizes starting from little, (650 kW) single-stage
units, to massive multi-valve, multi-stage extraction compressing units
with 5000 kilowatts.
2. These units are often designed to API standards and might be tailored to
satisfy exacting client specifications. With an outsized choice of each

commonplace and designed steam rotary engines and turbine generator
3. Our product, with the superior technology and engineering, are at the
forefront of the steam business for over 3 decades and contributed to
creating energy competitive compared to standard power sources.
4. NCON Back pressure steam turbine manufacturers provide turbine
maintaining service for its product likewise as turbines and generators
created by its competitors.
5. Extending the service on review and check recommendation to the
turbine purchasers shopping for from Back pressure turbine
manufacturers of Steam turbine power plant.

What is Single Stage Steam Turbine?
Single stage turbines are typically wanted to defend the plant against power
outages that might pack up essential pump or fan services.
In a turbine impulse stage, energy is extracted at constant pressure whereas
the rate of the steam falls because it flows across the blades. The steam is then
distended through a stationary management stage to extend its rate once
more before energy is extracted from another set of impulse blades.
Application od Single Stage Steam Turbines - NCON Turbines
• Steam Turbines notice application in co-generation of power (electricity)
likewise as for meeting the stress of driving method instrumentation like
fiberize, cane device mill, cutters, etc.,

• Single Stage Turbines notice application in method industries and are
designed to supply customers with economical likewise as reliable
mechanical drives for fans, compressors, water and oil pumps and
• These single stage turbines give operating as economical & reliable
machines that notice use for smaller power capacities of typically up to
two MW.
• In event of co-generation of power, rotary engine successively drives
generator (generator). With basic input steam typically equipped by
boiler, turbines may be offered trade specific to suit client desires.
• These steam turbines are employed in totally different trade sectors like
paper, sugar, steel, chemical, nuclear et al. and supported operational
styles, these may be equipped in sort of back pressure turbines,
compressing turbines and single / time period turbines.
• Further, our experience lies in activity time period turbines up to ten
MW power capability and single stage turbines up to two MW power

Some of the Typical applications of single stage turbines include:

Water pumps
Process pumps
BFW pumps
Oil pumps

6. Compressors
7. Generator drives
Some of the Features of Single Steam Turbines are:
• Can be created on the market in numerous frame sizes likewise as style
horizontal (axial & radial split) and vertical choices as per demand of
• These style options embody metallic/carbon seals, overhung & bearings
wheel styles, electronic/hydraulic/mechanical governors
• These conjointly feature direct driven/with integral gear boxes and
mechanical/electronic safety trip system with appropriate lubrication
• System designed for achieving higher efficiencies likewise as operational
• Axial split casing provides for easier examination likewise as coupling of
rotor and wear components.

To Sum-up:
Our steam turbines are often integrated seamlessly among every kind of
power plant to make sure our customers' operational success, satisfaction, and

For quite 3 decades, NCON Steam turbine service providers in India have been
producing and provision low, Saturated, little turbines and a lot of such turbine
solutions to its international customers. With a fleet of over 250 units of steam
turbines put in in only five years, NCON Low-pressure steam turbine
manufacturers & Best turbine manufacturers in Indian country have set a
replacement benchmark in quality and innovation generating over
If you've got any queries concerning any Turbine manufacturing companies or
turbine makers in India, let it free to drop any comments. we might like to
answer all of your queries.
More Details:
Visit us: http://www.nconturbines.com/
Email: enquiry@nconturbines.com
Call us to discuss: +91-8023151486
Address: F-62 & F-63, Industrial Estate, Rajajinagar, Bangalore - 560044, India
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