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What is Fildena 50?
Fildena 50 is an average power formula working On Erectile Dysfunction.
Fildena 50 mg loosens the smooth muscles present in the wall of blood vessels and
helps in enhancing the flow of blood in some specific regions of the body. It used for
the treatment of erection disorders and Pulmonary Hypertension.
Fildena is one of the approved medications used for the treatment of Erectile
Dysfunction, and Buy Fildena 50 mg is USFDA who approved these medicines for
Male Impotence.

Buy Fildena 50mg
With regards to buying Erectile Dysfunction medicines or Fildena 50, only the name
that comes first in mind is Genmedicare. If you are the one who is searching for safe
drugs, Genmedicare is the best place to buy these medicines.

In light of the age, medicine flexibility, and response to the medication, the dose
chosen. Consequently, the patient should dependably advise a doctor before the
Missed dose:
Fildena 50 is taken just “when required”.

Functionality of Fildena
Fildena based on sildenafil citrate, a powerful ingredient that releases nitric oxide
into the tissue of the internal area of the penis. Sildenafil is a substance that is part
of the group of phosphodiesterase five inhibitors (PDE5), which allows the gradual
relaxation of cGMP in the tissues of the erectile area of the penis. The product, in
practice, functions as a cGMP balancer and keeps the smooth tissue and muscle
relaxation under control. Sildenafil tries to prevent PDE5 by reducing cGMP and
thus allowing sexual stimulation to cause an erection. It should be noted that
without sexual stimulation, the drug does not work and an erection does not occur.
How to hire Fildena

One tablet of Fildena 100 mg is made up of gelatin, and taking it is secure. Just
take the pill with a glass of water, avoiding opening or chewing it. The tablets
should be taken intact and only with water. Never take Fildana with grapefruit
juice or with nitric based tablets. Avoid consuming big snacks that are too rich in
fat meals to avoid losing the effectiveness of the tablet. Better to take Fildena on an
unfilled stomach and in any case only once a day.


Fildena 50 mg

Generic Name

Sildenafil Citrate



Dosage Form

50mg tablets



Warnings and Precautions:


Aged people are not recommended to take much of Fildena 50 ED treating
Medicine that is treating illness which involves heart and blood vessels
(cardiovascular disease) are not to combine with this medicine
Men that are suffering from decreased kidney function should avoid this
Common side effects like heavy-headed or dizziness may occur. Men are
suggested to avoid activities like driving or that activity that need much
attention while consuming this ED medicine

Fildena 50 is a revolutionary drug in the market of generic ED medications. Having
sildenafil citrate in its formulation, the drug mainly works to dilate the arteries
leading towards the penis. This ensures harder and longer-lasting erections in
males. Fildena 50 has developed to treatment for male sexual problems like lowered
libido, inability to maintain an erection and impotence.

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