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Welcome To Protech Pest Control
Bed Bugs - From the Bed and Beyond

What is a Bed Bug?
Bed Bugs are small, brownish blood-sucking
bug which usually feeds on human blood,
mostly at night.
They exist for more than 3,300 years and are
found everywhere, including hotels, schools,
offices, residencies and even public
Bed bug bites can result in skin rashes, allergic
symptoms and psychological effects as well.
The worst part is that identifying bed bug
bites is hard as they are usually confused with
bites from another pest, making it difficult to
detect bed bug infestation and opt for correct
bed bug pest control treatment.

Different Types of Bed Bugs?
You’ll be surprised to know that there are around
90 species of bed bugs exists in the world. Luckily,
only three of them feed on humans and out of
which two are found in Australia.
They are:
 C. Lectularius - Also known as “Common Bed
Bug”, this is one of the most widespread
species across the globe. Being adapted to
temperate climates, they usually feed on
 C. Hemipterus - Known as Tropical Bed Bug,
this species usually prefers higher
temperature and humidity and are usually
limited to tropical regions.

Signs of Bed bug InfestationSmall reddish-brown faecal spots on mattresses or upholstery
Bloodstains on your sheets or pillowcases
Cream coloured eggs – usually laid in dark areas
Eggshells, or shed skins in beds and their other hidden place
A foul odour from the scent glands of bugs

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide Themselves?

 Mattresses, sheets and
 In crevices or wall cracks
 In between the cracks of
wooden floors
 Loosened edges of
 In seams and cracks of

Bedbug Bites – Symptoms, Signs & Home Remedies
A burning, painful sensation
A raised itchy bump on the
 Redness, swelling, and itchingSymptoms:

Home Remedies:

In very rare cases, some people
develop severe reaction from bed
bug bites and require medical

 Cool compresses
 Apply a blend of water and
baking soda
 Oatmeal baths
 Try OTC medications to
combat itchingBlisters
Feeling nauseous
Irregular heartbeat
Difficult breathing

Effective Bed Bug Treatment
 Thoroughly wash, clean and vacuum all the
bedding and surfaces
 Steam clean carpets
 Wash bedding and affected clothing in hot water
and dry them on the highest dryer setting
 Thoroughly scrub mattress seams by using a
stiff brush to remove bed bugs and their eggs
 Frequently vacuum your bed and surrounding
 Repair cracks in plaster. Also, if there’s any
peeling wallpaper glue it to avoid any places
where bed bugs can hide.
 Get rid of clutter around the beds
 Hire a professional bed bug exterminator to get
rid of bed bugs completely

Hiring a Professional Pest Control Operator
A licensed and qualified pest control expert will inspect the property and
determine the extent of bed bug infestation.
After the inspection, the team will use eco-friendly and certified pesticides to
get rid of bed bugs from the property.
Recurring visits can ensure that the bed bugs at various stages of the lifecycle
have been eradicated.
Also to avoid future bed bugs infestation, opt for good hygiene practices such
as regular house cleaning and vacuuming mattress, etc.
However, avoid vacuuming immediately after the treatment to ensure that the
residual pesticide isn’t removed.

Thank You
Don’t Let Bed Bugs Disturb Your Sleep!
Get in Touch with Protech Pest Control For Safe, Effective & Affordable Bed Bugs

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VIC 3061, Australia
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