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Welcome to! We pride on providing the best and most varied content for you. Feel free to roam through all our categories- in here you can find art, paint, and picture slides and presentations, downloadable in PPT format. You can expect to find a little bit of everything regarding art- from the most astounding pictures, to presentations regarding popular culture, referencing some of the best-known comic book superheroes and characters.

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No matter what your cultural interests may be, you will certainly find something of interest in these art-related slides, and even get some inspiration or art presentation ideas yourself! Flip through picture slides of the most iconic photographs of the year, or those taken during the 20th century- think New York under construction, Mother Theresa’s and Gandhi’s most touching pictures, and other photographs that marked an era by capturing the essence of and documented some of the world’s historical moments, so powerful that they can still move us today.
In relation to painting presentations, you can also expect to find a few of them; for example, you can stumble upon some slides of hyper realistic drawings, that almost appear as if they were captured through a camera, or take a peek at different art festivals and cultural events.

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Entertain yourself with curious facts: Check out the master infographic to help you on your next presentation or homework, find out what your city’s handwriting should look like, or discover what happens when you mix art and math together!
For every superhero/sci-fi fan out there, hold up, there’s also something for you! Learn about your favorite movies, their cinematic universe and development through the ages. All the details you always wanted to know, all spread out in a very friendly display for you to enjoy. It definitely beats reading a long post full of text and no fun!

Best thing about it? It’s free of charge! was created for you to check out not only art PPT, picture PPT or paint PPT presentations, but all sorts of categories that cover a long range of topics that can interest you. Whatever it is you may look for, you’ll definitely find it here, not only in quantity but in quality; we are talking state of the art presentations. We offer you the best slide sharing experience, faster than any other provider, and you are able to access all presentations without subscribing, so don’t worry- we won’t fill your e-mail inbox with spam, just come and take a look at everything!
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