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Best of CES

Tanli Yang, a journalist with China
Global Television Network, performs
yoga poses with Walker, an
intelligent humanoid service robot,
at the UB Tech booth during the
2020 CES in Las Vegas, Nevada.
REUTERS/Steve Marcus

RoboSea's Robo-Shark, a multi-joint
bionic robot fish for underwater
exploration. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

A Robomantis general purpose robot
is displayed in the Motiv Robotics
booth. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

Jacob Velarde demonstrates a
SUblue Seabow electronic kickboard.
REUTERS/Steve Marcus

A Hobot 298, a window-cleaning
robot with ultrasonic spray, cleans a
window. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

Attendees try out RealMax
augmented reality headsets.
REUTERS/Steve Marcus

The BellaBot delivery robot
maneuvers around a course in the
PuduTech booth. REUTERS/Steve

A ProPilot golf ball, using Nissan's
ProPilot Assist technology, drives
itself into the hole. REUTERS/Steve

The S-A1, an electric flying taxi
developed with Uber, is displayed in
the Hyundai booth. REUTERS/Steve

A demonstrator plays against
Forpheus, a 6th generation
AI-equipped robotic table tennis
tutor, in the Omron booth.
REUTERS/Steve Marcus

Li Chen of Unitree Robotics operates
animal-inspired robots.
REUTERS/Steve Marcus

A demonstrator plays against
Forpheus, a 6th generation
AI-equipped robotic table tennis
tutor, in the Omron booth.
REUTERS/Steve Marcus

Ivanka Trump, daughter of President
Donald Trump, speaks in a keynote
address. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

The M Vision S, a hydrogen fuel
cell-powered, autonomous concept
car, displayed at the Hyundai Mobiis
booth. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

How Hong (L) of Canada tries out a
driving simulator in the Formula One
Esports League booth.
REUTERS/Steve Marcus

The Nissan Ariya concept car, an
electric crossover SUV.
REUTERS/Steve Marcus

The Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR
concept car, inspired by the Avatar
movies, is displayed after an
unveiling at a Daimler keynote
address. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

A view of the Mercedes-Benz Vision
AVTR concept car. REUTERS/Steve

A woman demonstrates the Gait
Enhancing & Motivating
System, or GEMS, as Federico
Casalegno, senior vice president and
head of the Samsung Design
Innovation Centre, stands by during
a Samsung keynote address.
REUTERS/Steve Marcus

A Mimic Go, a portable security
device with sensors that can detect
motion and give audio, visual or text
alerts, is displayed at CES.
REUTERS/Steve Marcus

An interior view of the Byton M-Byte
all-electric SUV, expected to enter
mass production this year, is shown
at a news conference.
REUTERS/Steve Marcus

"Reachy," an open-source robot by
Pollen Robotics. REUTERS/Steve

A Pampers diaper with activity
sensor, for monitoring moisture and
also sleep patterns, part of a Lumi by
Pampers baby monitoring system.
REUTERS/Steve Marcus

Saaya Okuda of Yukai Engineering,
holds a Qoobo therapeutic robot, a
cushion with a tail that moves the
tail depending on how it's caressed.
REUTERS/Steve Marcus

A Stopskate wireless braking system
for inline skates. REUTERS/Steve

A Tropos Motors electric fire
response vehicle. REUTERS/Steve

Violette LeFranc and Timoti Prigent
model augmented reality glasses in
the KistaKlub booth. REUTERS/Steve

Duolab, a home device which blends
and warms a personalized face
cream product. REUTERS/Steve

A Karma SC1 Vision concept car, with
Skip Gen 3.0, Spider 3.0 and
OneConnect technologies, is
displayed in the Panasonic booth.
REUTERS/Steve Marcus

Lovot companion robots by Groove X
wander in front their booth.
REUTERS/Steve Marcus

Flexible batteries by Libest, which
are built into watch bands to extend
the life of smart watches.
REUTERS/Steve Marcus

An electrode cap, part of a stress
EEG assessment system, is displayed
in the Hipposcreen Neurotech booth.
REUTERS/Steve Marcus

The Sero, a television that can be
viewed horizontally or vertically, is
displayed in the Samsung booth.
REUTERS/Steve Marcus

Chad George models a smart
anti-snore pillow, which
automatically gently inflates to
change the head angle if snoring is
detected, in the Ten Minds booth.
REUTERS/Steve Marcus

Smart road studs, which can monitor
vehicle traffic and road conditions,
are displayed in the Valerann UK
booth. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

A Tali fully-connected, smart helmet
with navigation, lights and
photochomic visor. REUTERS/Steve

A Yummly wireless, smart meat
thermometer is displayed.
REUTERS/Steve Marcus

A Quasar bidirectional charger, from
house to electric car or, if needed,
from car to house, is displayed in the
Wallbox booth. REUTERS/Steve

Technics EAH-AZ70W
noise-cancelling wireless
headphones. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

A man looks over a Porsche
Design/Huawei Mate 30 RS 5 G
phone. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

Star Wars stormtroopers make an
appearance at a Panasonic news
conference. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

Dr. Tadashi Ted Funahashi, chief
innovation officer at Kaiser
Permanente Southern California,
talks about the Samsung HeartWise
healthcare mobile app at Samsung
keynote address. REUTERS/Steve

An Intel Tiger Lake chip is displayed
at an Intel news conference.
REUTERS/Steve Marcus

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