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Welcome To Early Image
The Home Of Pregnancy Scans - Just For The Parents Pleasure and Enjoyment!

What is Parental Ultrasound?
Check up on baby, relieve stress and anxiety, find out the
gender or capture live images of baby anytime night or
day .
We focus all our attention on turning a scan into an
awesome pregnancy experience for Mum and Dad-to be.
Check up on baby, any time you want with no doctor’s
referral needed 24/7.
Unlike X-Ray, 3D, 4D, 5D ultrasound scans emit no
radiation and is extremely safe for the health of the
mother and the baby.
Scan when it suits you, bring your family and friends and
be ready to scan as soon as you arrive - no waiting ever.
With built in WiFi our brand new machine can transfer
HI-RES images and movies clips directly to your phone.

2D, 3D or 4D – Which One to Choose?
2D Ultrasound

3D/4D Ultrasound

5D Live Ultrasound



 Unbelievable clarity

 It gives outlines and
flat looking images

 3D Image can be
turned around and
viewed from any

 Provides an
absolutely detailed
and lifelike image of
the baby in real time

 Shows baby in black
and white

 4D is a 3D image
 Makes 4D scans look
updated many times a
like watching
second to give the
analogue TV instead
appearance of live

 Used in medical scans
to measure babys’
vital organs

 Can see baby in much
more detail than 2D

 Beautiful and detailed
images huge step up
from 4D

Things to Consider While Going for
3D/4D/5D Ultrasound ScansDrink plenty of fluids, something
chilled 30 minutes before the
appointment will help make the
baby move.
Wear clothes that make your
stomach area easily accessible
Arrive 5-10 minutes early to
complete any paperwork.
Be patient. Baby does not always
face the right way so it can take a
while to get baby in the right
position to be seen
Make sure the studio you choose
has the very latest equipment and
can transfer images directly to your

How to Get the Best 4D/5D
Glimpse of Your Baby?
 Ensure that the studio is equipped with the
latest equipment and technology.
 Ensure that at the end of the scanning they
transfer still images and clips directly to
your phone via WiFi.
 Select the Imaging Centre that specializes
in parental scanning rather than a medical
imaging centre offering 4D scans.
 Get your 5D live scan as close to 24-28
weeks as possible.
 Arrive with a full bladder.
 Drink something really cold 30 minutes
prior to the scan.

Why Choose Ultrasound to Know
Your Baby’s Gender?

 Gender ultrasound gives highly
accurate results
 Early Gender Scans are safe for
both mother and the baby
 Ultrasounds all you to spend
time with baby while finding out
the gender
 Much cheaper than blood/DNA

All You Need To Know About
Gender Scan
From 14 weeks onwards the gender of the
baby is very clear and easy to see
Check baby’s heartbeat at the same time
Check baby’s due date at the same time
Share the joy of finding out with Mum and
Dad, family and friends
Have Hi RES still images and movie clips
transferred directly to your phone via
“Hello Mom” application.

Thank You
Without doubt, the best pregnancy experience in Victoria!
Excellent 3D/4D/5D Live Imaging
We are here supporting your pregnancy day and night! To book your
appointment, simply call us.

Early Image
Suite 5, 456 High Street
Open 24/7
03 9529 7433

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