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Welcome To Early Image – Your Trusted
Imaging Centre
How to Get the Best 4D/5D Live Images of Your Beautiful Baby?

Importance of Getting a 3D/4D/5D
Ultrasound Scan
Nowadays, many to-be-parents are opting for a
3D pregnancy scan to have a glimpse of the
beautiful life in the womb in unparallel clarity.
 It helps parents relieve themselves from
stress, anxiousness and worry which they
might be experiencing while not being able
to see the baby since the 20 weeks scan.
 It allows catching the baby in live-action
and records those moments to cherish
 It also allows you to share those precious
moments with friends, family and loved

Things to Consider Before Booking
Pregnancy Scan
With the advancement in 5D/4D/3D baby scan
technology in the last years, now we can get more
clear and detailed images and video clips of the
baby that might take your breath away.
However, 4D ultrasound and 5D ultrasound aren't
cheap and the expectation levels are high. Thus, it
is crucial to ensure that you get the possible
results while opting for such expensive scans.
Do make certain that whichever 3D baby scan
imaging centre you choose has invested in the
latest technology and is up-to-date with the
advancement in the industry.
Remember that there’s a vast difference in the
clarity and quality of the images generated by
different equipment..

Things You Need to Ask:
Q. What is the Colour of the Images Produced by Your 3D Baby Scan
 Yellow - Very old technology
 Pink - Advanced equipment with the latest technology
Q. What Kind of Images are Produced and How are Those Delivered to Us?
 Still images - Delivered via USB, CD-ROM
 Moving images - Delivered via DVD
If above are the answers, know that technology is more than 5 years old.
b) Movie clips and still images are transferred directly to your phone via WIFI.
This means that the technology they are using is the latest and you can rely on it.

Key Points to Consider While Choosing
Imaging Centre
First thing first, always choose an imaging centre that pioneers in 3D baby scan
and pregnancy scan. It’s not advisable to rely on your obstetrician or the medical
centre you were visiting for your 12 weeks or 20 weeks scans. The skills required
in getting the most beautiful and detailed pictures of your baby are very different
from what is done in medical pregnancy scan.
1) Opt for the imaging centre who specialise in producing quality 3D/4D/5D
ultrasound images and their images solely depend on it.
2) Such centres assure that every couple is really happy and satisfied with the
3) They also ensure that there’s no appointment fixed immediately before or
after your appointment time, so you get ample amount of time and you don’t
feel pressurised as you have the whole centre by your own.
4) They understand that seeing your baby for the first time is a very special
event and every family should feel that they have seen their baby properly.

What is the Right Time For Scan?

The best time to see the baby and
have your 5D ultrasound scan is
between 24-28 weeks.
At this time, the baby is small to
move easily into the womb, giving
you a chance to watch into action.
As the time pass and the baby gets
older, the baby takes more space in
the tummy, making it hard to scan
and get the best quality pictures.

Will I be able to See the Face of My Baby?

If the baby, it surely helps. With the help
of 3D pregnancy scan and 4D/5D
ultrasound, the images of a moving baby
are very distinct and interesting.
While sleeping babies are very hard to
wake up. Thus, it is suggested to drink
something very cold 30 minutes prior to
the scan.
Also, check with the imaging centre about
their policies if they fail to get the images
of the baby's face. Most reputed
pregnancy scan centres offer free rescan
in such cases.

Thank You
Amazingly Realistic Images Now At Early Image
Excellent 3D/4D/5D Image Quality!
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