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5 Super Easy,
Awesome Businesses
for Moms
If you’re a SAHM you may
be looking for ways to make
extra money while
remaining home with your
kids. Here are 5 unique
ideas to explore.

#1 Face Painting
• Think about all the birthday parties your
children are invited to. There’s a huge market
for this service.
• Face paints are inexpensive and easy to find
online and at local craft stores.
• Market your face painting service at fairs,
charitable events, grand openings and more.

#2 Tea Party Planner
• Parents are often searching for unique
birthday party ideas and themes. This
service fits the bill!
• Consider teaming up with local children’s
clothing shops, dance studios and other
places willing to lease out a section of their
• Find tea sets, tableware, linens and dress-up
clothes at second hand shops.

#3 Fashion Jewelry Party Planner
• There are several companies that supply
fashion and fine jewelry for parties, but they
can be expensive. Go online to find
wholesalers and bypass the middle woman.
• Purchase a small (under $100) inventory of
items and have catalogs or flyers on hand to
show the rest at your jewelry parties.
• Take orders and fulfill them. Some
wholesalers will even drop-ship, so all you do
is take orders and submit them.

#4 Social Media Management
• This is a fairly new field, which makes it wide
open to newcomers.
• Most businesses can benefit from using social
media, but many either don’t have time or the
know-how to do it.
• Start with local small businesses and explain
the benefits of building an online presence.
• Remember to continually come up with
updated, interesting posts to encourage return
visitors and followers.

#5 Book Reviewer
• New eBooks are being uploaded everyday.
Most writers know how important reviews are
to sales.
• The average book review can command $100
or more.
• Offer a few free reviews at first to build your
reputation. Then advertise on online
classified sites, message boards and print

These are just 5 ideas, but whichever you choose
remember to:
• Be creative
• Assess your skills and abilities to see which ones are
• Tell EVERYONE about your new business venture.
• Share on Mommy message boards.
• Don’t forget to build your own online presence with
social media interaction, a website, blog, etc. There are
several free website builders and blogging sites

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