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Social Media – Affecting the World at Large

Who I am

Because things that matter are at a click’s

Not all of those things are good

Because the world got smaller

Opinions got louder

There are good and bad opinions

And that’s okay

What’s not okay are opinions that we don’t
want to hear

Opinions that trigger us to retaliate

We have seen this in our country’s recent

What does have to do with us?

We have opinions

They may be good or bad

And that’s okay

What’s not okay are opinions that others don’t
want to hear

So how do we use social media responsibly?

How do we use social media effectively?

His posts are optimistic, inspiring, and a source
of good wisdom

Lots of people share it because of these

But they also share it because of his authority

Which brings me to my only two points for this

If you want to use social media to influence
the world

Influence it for good

What is the definition of good?

Anything that will move people positively

Anything that will glorify god

If you want to influence the world, you need to
increase your authority

If you don’t have any authority online or
offline, people will simply not pay attention

Which may cause you to stop trying

People generally pay attention to bad and
controversial opinion

That’s why there are so many ‘trolls’ today

It’s easier to be a troll than to be an authority

That’s why, for this talk, I will focus on building
your authority

Building authority online is hard because

There’s too much noise

Too much dishonesty

You will not be able to build authority just by
posting a lot of things in your social media

So how can you become someone who
matters to a lot of people you don’t even

How do you use social media to affect the

Build your authority

Sometimes this can be answering hard
questions in groups that you are affiliated in

Sometimes this can be sharing a critical update
in your industry to the rest of your peers

Sometimes this can be writing a whitepaper or
a short report and giving it away for free to
other people in your circle

That’s how you build authority

That’s how you rise up from the opinions of
others and get people’s attention

Thank you!

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