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How to Market Your Indie Book
For little to no money!

The Press Release
• Publishing companies use them, why shouldn’t you?
• A well-written press release will catch the eye of
book bloggers, reviewers, readers and more.
• If done correctly, your press release can expose your
book to hundreds of thousands of potential readers
– and what Indie author doesn’t want that?
• There are several FREE online press release
submission sites waiting for your information.

Start a Blog
• Blogging about your writing journey, tips, techniques
and life is interesting to readers. Many people want
to write books and this makes you easily relatable.
• Blogging encourages interaction between you and
your readers.
• Blogging can show readers you’re an authority on
your chosen subject.
• Blogging gives you the opportunity to hold contests
and giveaways to further engage your readers.

Solicit Reviews
• Contact online book reviewers via email to ask if they’ll
consider reviewing your book.
• Always offer free copies (or downloads) of your book.
• Be prepared to wait – Book Reviewers are often
overwhelmed with review requests.
• Suggest free giveaways for reviewers to post on their
• Don’t overlook bloggers – many are interested in adding
reviews to their posts.
• Trade reviews with other Indie authors.

Hold Seminars and Speaking Engagements
• Approach local libraries, book stores and coffee
shops, and offer to give free seminars.
• Give an online webinar or e-course to share and
explain your writing process.
• Approach a local book club. Offer free copies of your
book to members and then offer to discuss your

Give a Virtual Book Tour
• Search and contact blog sites that might be a good fit for your book.
• Consider first getting your foot in the door with comments, guest
posts, etc.
• Write and email a tour proposal to the blog author.
• Your proposal should address your book (of course), reviews, any
articles you’ve written, podcasts, webinars, etc. The idea is to
increase interest in you and your book prior to beginning your
virtual tour.
• Schedule your book tours with interested parties and increase
interest beforehand by telling everyone you know.
• Virtual book tours include Q&A, call-in radio shows, webinars,
interviews, podcasts, slideshows and more – be creative.

Get Media Savvy

Create and upload video book trailers.
Record and upload podcasts.
Create and share slideshows.
Sign up for radio blog shows.

It’s the Little Things that Count
• Add a link to your book in your email signature.
• Sign up (if you already haven’t) for a LinkedIn account
and add your book info. Network with, and join,
like-minded people and groups.
• Create a Facebook page – remember to add the link to
all your correspondence.
• Join Twitter and tweet about your book.
• Have business cards printed with the name of your
book, Facebook page URL and Twitter name. Carry the
cards with you at all times.

Contact eBook Review Gal
• eBook Review Gal offers Indie authors several FREE book promotion options:

Free book reviews
Free book features
Free author features
Free author interviews

• We also offer several very affordable book promotion

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Please visit ebookreviewgal.com today to see how we can help you sell your book!

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