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Why You Should Be An
Indie Author
And what you already have to offer readers.

If you think you can’t write a book,
think again. If you maintain a blog, are
passionate about a hobby, contribute to
message boards, or often post helpful
status updates you probably already
have enough content to fill a book.

You’re the go-to person when friends need
Your kids beg you to tell them another one of
your original fairytales.
Your poetry has received rave reviews.
Then you’re well on your way to becoming a
published author.

Your Hobby:
Share your knowledge and know-how
with readers. Add photos and/or simple
line drawings.

Your Advice:
Either Q&A format or essays will
have readers purchasing your book to
get the answers they need.

Your Blog:
If you’ve had your blog for a while,
you probably have plenty of content
to turn into a book. Add a little more
if necessary.

Your Recipes:
Busy moms, in particular, are always
searching for easy, inexpensive
kid-friendly recipes. Add some cute
anecdotes and you’re in business!

Your Poetry:
If you have a way with words and have a
drawer full of poetry turn your powerful
prose into a book.

Your Expertise:
If you have a specific skill or area of
expertise share it with your readers.

Your Short Stories:
An active imagination can produce
some interesting scenarios. Turn your
daydreams into a book of short stories.

Your Children’s Stories:
If you’ve been telling your own
homespun fairytales to your children,
share them with your readers. If you’re
artistic, you can add your own
illustrations. If not, ask a talented friend
to collaborate.

Your Child-Rearing Experience:
If you’ve raised children, you’ve gained
tons of experience along the way. Share
your parental knowhow with readers.
Throw in some anecdotes, Erma
Bombeck-style, and readers will
appreciate your light-hearted attitude.

Your Extreme Couponing Skills:
Saving money has become a passion for
frugal families. If you’re an experienced
coupon clipper readers will love hearing
about your tips and techniques for
saving money on everyday household
items. This is truly an art form and many
people want to get in on the action.

You might find that you need just a little more
content to fill a book, if so you can:
Interview someone with experience in your book’s subject.
From there you can include the actual interview, or you can
write content and add your expert’s quotes.

The internet has a wealth of information on just about
any subject. Conduct online research and summarize
your findings in your own words. Explaining a
technical subject in layman’s terms works well here.

By now your imagination should be
super-charged with several marketable
ideas for your new book.

And, speaking of marketing…
When you’re finished writing, editing,
formatting and uploading your Indie book
remember that you’re far from finished. You
have to market your book too. Here’s some
valuable advice on marketing your Indie book:

If you need more information on
writing, marketing and promoting
your Indie book please visit
ebookreviewgal.com today!

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