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10 Reasons to Self-Publish
Your Book

Brought to you by eBook Review Gal

1. You’ve already been
turned down by several
Publishers are feeling the financial strain of a down
economy. They’re getting more and more picky when
choosing books for publication.
You know you have a good, marketable book. Your passion
will drive you to be a successful Indie author.

2. Your content is highly
specific and it would be
difficult to find a suitable
When you’re passionate about your chosen field, it will come
across in your writing.

3. You want to control the
content and the editing of your
own words.
Big publishing house editors have no real connection to your
words and story, which is often reflected in the final product.
This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your book
professionally edited, however. To keep costs down, search
local colleges to find qualified students willing to edit your

4. You want to choose your
own book cover.
Having control over how your book is marketed visually is
important to you as an author. Publishers insist on having
final say on a book cover.

5. You like the idea of setting
your own price.
After doing some market research to find what books in
similar categories are selling for, you can set your price
accordingly and stick to it. You probably wouldn’t have this
choice if you publish through an agency.

6. You’re ready to tackle the
responsibility of marketing
and promotion.
While this may not sound like a plus, it’s better than turning
over the reins to a publishing company who will devote little
time (if any) to marketing your book.

7. You don’t want to wait
months or even years to see
your book in print.
Traditional publishing can take months or years (if at all). You
can self-publish within days. Uploading to Amazon Kindle
literally takes minutes.

8. You realize there’s no
financial gain to traditional
Most publishing houses no longer offer advances to new

9. You want to keep more of
your sales profits.
Your royalties are much higher with self-publishing than they
are with traditional publishing.

10. People aren’t impressed
with the fact that a book has
been published through a big
publishing company.
Most people are impressed with the passion and drive of the
average Indie author, however. Readers are more
concerned with your content than they are with your
publication method.


We hope you’ve found these 10 reasons to
self-publish helpful.

If you’d like information on how we can help you market and
promote yourself and your book please visit
ebookreviewgal.com today!

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