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10 More Inspiring Quotes
by Famous Writers
Brought to you by eBook Review Gal

“If my doctor told me I had
only six minutes to live, I
wouldn't brood. I'd type a
little faster.”
~ Isaac Asimov


“Writing is easy: All you do
is sit staring at a blank
sheet of paper until drops of
blood form on your
~ Gene Fowler


“Every writer I know has
trouble writing.” ~ Joseph


“Writing comes more easily
if you have something to
~ Sholem Asch


“If I don't write to empty my
mind, I go mad.” ~ Lord


“The best time for planning a
book is while you're doing the
~Agatha Christie


“The road to hell is paved with
adverbs.” ~ Stephen King


“If you do not breathe
through writing, if you do
not cry out in writing, or
sing in writing, then don't
write, because our culture
has no use for it.” ~ Anais


“Fill your paper with the
breathings of your heart.”
~ William Wordsworth


“A writer is someone who can
make a riddle out of an
answer.” ~ Karl Kraus


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