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Chevrolet Corvet t e Stingray
This one doesn't just look fresh, modern and
aggressive but it also equipped with 6 .2 V- 8
455hp engine, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes
(ABS), 18" alum inu m wheel s, 7-speed
m a nual transm ission with overdrive, ac tive
handling electron ic stab ility, side seat
mou nt e d airbags, automatic air condition ing,
and 6 way power driver seat.

J aguar F -TY PE
A side f r o m the already f amous name,
the F- TYPE m a d e sure that the
performan ce
lives up t o the reputation a s wel l. It's 3 .0L
V6 34 0 h p engine interc ooled
supercharg er,
integrated navigation system , and
8 - s p e e d automatic transm ission with
overdrive and more, the cat definitel y gets

Porsche Cayman
Trying t o im prove someth ing that's already
succ essful is risky, but the Porsche Cayman
ma n a ged t o up its ga m e without d a m a g ing
its greatness. They did it with 3 .4 L H - 6
3 2 5 h p engine, 6 -s pee d m a nual transm
ission with overdrive, curtain i st row
overhead airbag, 19" alum inu m wheel s, ABS
driveline trac tion control and an electron ic
stabilit y.

Mercedes -Benz C-Class
If being an eye catching c-c lass isn't
enough for you t o admire this chisele d ride,
then its f eatures wil l render you
speechless. AMG 6 .2L V- 8 45lhp engine,
7-speed automatic transm ission with
overdrive, 4-wheel anti lock b rakes (ABS), 9
airbags (including one for the driver's knee
and t w o for the bac kseat passengers), 18"
AMG alumin u m wheel s, ABS and drivel ine
trac tion control , and electron ic stab ility.

Aud i RS 7
This Audi may not look like your usual evocative
body spor ts car but it is definitel y the perf ect
definition of an ever yday supercar considerin g
its 4 .0L V - 8 560h p engine twin turbo. 8 - s p e e d
automatic transmission with overdrive and
inte grated navigation system . Not to f orget th e
20" f orge d aluminum wheels, airbags on th e side
seats, i st a nd 2 nd row overhead, driver and
pa ssenger knees, ABS and driveline traction
control, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes and cruise

Ford Shelby GT 5 0 0
How does a spor ts car m a d e of pure American
muscle, takes precision and efficiency to the next
level? The answer is the GT500's 5 .8L V- 8
6 6 2 h p engine interc ooled supercharg er, 6-spee d
m a nual transmission with overdrive, airba gs on
the side seat, driver and passenger side, 4-wheel
anti -lock brakes (ABS),airbag occupancy sensor,
air cond itioning, 19" forg e d aluminu m wheels,
cruise control, ABS a nd driveline traction control,
and electron ic stability.

Cadillac CTS-V
The head turning exterior of the Cadillac CTS-V is
more than meets the eye because its f eatures
complements it wel l, f r om the 6 .2L V- 8 556h p
engine interc ooled superch arger, 6- spe e d
m a nual transmissi on with overdrive, 4 - w h eel a nti
lock brakes (ABS), to th e integrated navigation
system , air ba gs on th e side seat, i st and 2 nd row
overhead , airbag occupanc y sensor, automatic air
conditioning , 19" aluminum wheel s, cruise control
and an ABS and driveline tra ction control.

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BMW M6 Gran Coupe
You may have t o spend a little more on
th is one com pared t o M5 but it'll f eel
a d e q uate once you ex perience how its
f eatures
m a d e it an amazing drive. Especially its
4 .4 L V - 8 5 6 0 hp engine twin tu rbo, 7
speed auto-sh ift m a nual transmission with
overdrive .

Mercedes -Benz SLS AMG
Who wouldn t f eel intimidated with the
elegant gullwing doors of this one? But your
knees will shake a little more with
nervousness and excitement once you get
on th is AMG 6 .2L V- 8 5 8 3 h p engine, 7 speed auto-sh ift m a nual transm ission with
overdrive monster.

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