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Additional Security Offered by Garage Door Automation

You can easily control the functions of an automated garage door which is the primary benefit of
garage door automation. There is no need to get off the car in order to open or close the door. It
enables you to avoid assaults, as you have the opportunity to get off the car after closing the garage
door. Thus, it is impossible for anyone to attack in the dark. You can also avoid accidents by
automating the operations of a garage door. It saves you from manually opening or closing a garage
door that is large and heavy. If an automatic opener is attached to the garage door, then you can open
or close the door with the push of a button.

A garage-door opener uses radiofrequency for operations. A door opens or closes when the
radiofrequency of a garage-door opener matches with the radiofrequency of remote-controller. It is
possible to adjust the radiofrequency of the garage-door opener in order to prevent others from using a
remote-controller of the same brand to open the garage-door. A photo-eye sensor is attached to all
automated garage doors. It shoots a beam from one side of the door to another side in order to ensure
that nothing is on the path when a door is being closed or opened. Hence, there is no possibility of
accident after garage door automation. Opening and closing an automated garage door is as easy as
pushing a button, as you can control the functions of a door using a remote controller or your mobile

Garage Door Automation

The convenience of opening and closing a garage door is the main benefit of
garage door automation. It saves you from manually rolling up or rolling down a large and
heavy garage door which is a cumbersome task. You can open a garage door using your mobile
phone or a remote controller. Hence, there is no need to carry a set of keys whenever you go out.
You can set a unique frequency for the garage door. It prevents others from opening the door
using a remote controller of the same brand and there is no loss of security.

Ensure that the system for garage door automation has vacation mode. It prevents others
from opening the door using a remote controller when you are away for a long time. In
this scenario, the garage-door will open when you put a code on the keypad attached to
the door. Hence, it is important to have this feature on a garage-door automation system.

Remote controllers for garage-doors operate on limited number of frequencies. Thus, a
perpetrator may try many possible garage-door frequencies in order to manipulate the
operations of the door in your absence. However, it is impossible to open a garage-door
in this manner if the ‘vacation mode’ feature is available with garage door automation

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