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5 Easy Ways
To Get Past A

Why Do Women Need Defenses?
• Picture it this way: how many times are you solicited to buy
something? You have sales people calling you on the phone,
knocking on your door and cluttering your email box. You
also see advertisements on your television, on the radio and
the Internet.
• How could you possibly give your attention to even half of
these sales messages?
• It's just information overload... so you've probably got to be
saying "no thanks" or "not interested" haven't you? You're
doing this before you even know whether you’re interested
or not!

Here are fve simple ways to get past her defenses and set yourself apart from other men trying to get her  atenton:

1. Don't Hover
• Want to really make her uncomfortable
about you? Hover close to her, glance at her
occasionally or even stare at her. The more
you do this without approaching her, the
more defensive she is likely going to be.
• In fact, it’s the best strategy to ruin your
chances of meeting her before you even say a
single word.

2. Don't Go Out Alone
• Take a friend with you, preferably a female
friend. If a woman sees that you have friends,
this sends her the subconscious message that
you are a normal person.
• It also shows her that you have a life so there
are chances that you won't be one of those
clingy, needy guys.

3. Talk to Everyone (Not Just Her)
• This is really effective when it comes to
getting a woman to lower her defenses. In fact, if
you are in a situation where you can talk to
people around her without speaking directly to
her, she's eventually going to wonder:
• "Who is this guy? He's talking to everyone but
me... I wonder why." This will show her that you
are friendly and will keep her from thinking that
you are talking to her just to hit on her. If you do
this the right way, she may even approach you

4. Master the Walk Away
Unless you are in a situation where you won’t
have an opportunity to talk to her again,
practice the art of temporarily walking away
from the conversation. This will prove that you
are not needy and will help her relax.

5. Wait on the Introductions
Sometimes it can be a mistake to introduce
yourself right away.  Afer all, what is every
other guy doing to get her attention? He is
probably saying: "Hi I'm___, what's your
name?" Much like the walk away, it will show
her that you are not needy and will bring her
defenses down.

You might be really surprised at the difference these simple strategies can make in someone’s life...

How to Make a Woman Totally
Addicted to You!

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