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It seems like there are a lot of
people in long distance

relationships these days.

If you don’t know how to do long

relationships you could be in a lot
of trouble.

Here are a few tips to help you:

Be honest and upfront with each
other right from the start.

If you expect your partner to
remain exclusive with you,

say so right up front.

Do you feel the two of you
should be allowed to

date other people while you’re
apart? Say so.

Both of you need to agree on the
ground rules

so nobody is left wondering what
is expected.

Make sure you both have the
same end goal in mind.

If the separation becomes a more
permanent thing

(the out of town work becomes
permanent, etc)

are you willing or able to

Making time for each other is
extremely important.

No matter how busy the two of
you get, you have to make

time for phone calls, texts,
emailing each other and

even video chatting. Video chats
are great for giving

you that much needed ‘face

Stay busy with work and hanging
with friends/family.

It’s hard when you know it’s
going to be a while before

you can see each other again. You
are going to be

feeling lonely for a while and
staying occupied

will help the time go much faster.

There has to be a lot of trust
between you and your partner.

There will be temptations for
both of you while you are apart.

You need to think positively and
trust that the other

is being loyal to you and the
relationship while you are apart.

Plan ahead for the times you will
be able to see each other.

Since you won’t be seeing each
other often,

make the most of the time you do

Plan a few outings or
get-togethers with friends,

but be sure to allow plenty of
‘alone time’ too.

It’s possible for long distance

to last and even end up in

If you keep your priorities right

then your relationship should
stand the test. Go to the site
below for more info.

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