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5 Stupid Things To
Overlook When
Dating A Woman

1. Your car should be like a mobile seduction

• It doesn't matter if you've got the swankiest suit this side of
the Italian-handmade-suitmaker's shop. You can be wearing
Bulgari scent, have a Rolex, and blow your nose on silk
• But none of this stuff even MATTERS if you go to drop her
home at the end of the night, and she's got to rake a whole
bunch of crusty fast-food boxes, crumpled cigarette packs,
chocolate-bar crumbs, soft-drink cans, and sweaty sports
clothes off the seat before she can so much as park her butt
on your seat.


If you gross her out even
ONCE ... if you make that nose
wrinkle up, or cause her to
say, "Eeeew!" even ONE LITTLE
TIME, that's IT.




When you gross a woman out,
you kill the attraction. And no
matter how much she WANTS to
still feel attraction for you, THE

2. Your hygiene must be

Would you be interested
in pursuing a
relationship - sexual or
otherwise - if the
woman in question had
stale, sour breath?


How about smelly


Or sweaty feet that
stunk out the room

• This is not a gender-specific topic: women AND men want a partner whose
hygiene is not an active obstacle to sexual attraction.
• Again, this comes down to PAYING ATTENTION TO DETAIL.
• Breath is the only thing that can't be handled by general clean habits, and it's
a biggie. Keep breath-mints, or those little Listerine breath-tabs, with you AT
ALL TIMES. Check your teeth in the mirror after you've eaten a meal to make
sure it's not hanging off your gumline.
• In a nutshell, make sure your hygiene is at PEAK standards. Women will notice
if you're clean, smell good, and have REALLY fresh breath; it's classy and

3. You don't pepper the conversation with

• Ugh!! Do I REALLY have to go into this in detail??
• Swearing does NOT make you seem charming and interesting.

4. You don't talk about offensive

Some guys JUST DON'T GET
THIS. I beg you, please
don't be one of those guys.


YOU know the ones I mean.


The ones who'll say things
like, 'Nah, I don't think
drunk-driving's such a big
deal. I think anyone who'd
make a dumb mistake after
a few bottles of beer would
probably make that dumb
mistake anyway.'

• Or: 'Jeeeez! Have you noticed how many (insert ethnicity here)s there are in this country
Retreat! Retreat! We're being invaded!‘
• Or: 'OH MY GOD!! Look at that fat-ass woman over there!! Jesus, she's putting me off
my meal.‘
• Or: 'Well, all I can say is, I‘d sure never hire a male babysitter. I used to be one, and I
know what kind of stuff goes through their minds.‘
• Or: 'Can you not agree with me, though, that some women just NEED a good beating?‘
• Here's the bottom line, guys: stuff like this, EVEN IF YOU'RE KIDDING, will not endear
you to your date.

5. You're able to be funny AND a gentleman at the
same time

Look: a lot of the pickup artists out there have,
unfortunately, got things a little mixed up.


YES, teasing a woman gently and mildly, GENTLY
AND MILDLY - is a good
idea. It's a great way to
build rapport and create a
bond, and shows her that
you're comfortable with
yourself, etc etc, all of
which you'll already know.


But - and this a big ol' fleshy ol' jiggly BUT - if you are
teasing a woman about something PERSONAL, then you are
going too far and will make her feel hurt, angry, or resentful
(or a


FACT: Women do NOT LIKE IT when people make negative
comments about their appearance. Even if those comments
are 'meant to be' funny, SHE will not think it's funny - and
it's her opinion that counts, here.



A woman's appearance is very important to her; she's
taught, indirectly, her ENTIRE LIFE that her appearance is
what controls her own level of social power.
Furthermore, most women spend a LOT of time thinking
about, and 'designing', their appearances.
If you make a comment about this aspect of her being EVEN IF YOU'RE 'JUST TEASING' - she's not going to like it.

• There MAY be SOME exceptions to this rule, but
DO NOT think that the woman you're with is the
exception. She's probably not.
• So ACT as if she's not, and you'll both be happier
that way.
• Make sense?

How to Make a Woman Totally
Addicted to You!

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