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What Sugar Daddies
Are Looking For in a
Sugar Baby

The secrets of
a great sugar relationship are
commonly discovered after years of
experience of
living the lifestyle of
a sugar baby. It is not enough to have the traits of
a sugar daddy magnet in order to have a
successful sugar daddy relationship.
Some secrets are more subtle in the sense that
each sugar daddy will expect diferent things
from a sugar baby and you must know how to
adapt, but when you draw the line, there are a
few pointers you can learn to avoid from the
very beginning and which are generally true for
adult dating.
So, what do sugar daddies expect of a sugar
baby? Is it

Maybe that too, but actually, sugar daddies are
looking for a sophisticated and elegant lady
who knows how to woo them with her charms in a
delicate and considerate manner. She has to know
what she wants and choose him because she feels
that they are compatible in all regards. All in all,
sugar daddy dating is about fnding a sugar daddy
who makes you feel adored and who you can
adore back, otherwise your mutually benefcial
relationship will not be as you might idealize it.

Many sugar daddies might be offended or just
taken aback if
sugar baby insists on clarifying the fnancial
details of
sugar relationship too soon. A sugar daddy wants
you to be about more than just the money,
so your patience is crucial. It is a possibility that
some sugar daddies will avoid the subject
altogether, while some will tell you right away

Another important aspect, that some sugar
babies might not be comfortable with, is the
intimacy issue. Whether you like it or not, your
sugar daddy is expecting a few moments of
intimacy with you, just as any man does in any
It might be that you two just shared a fabulous
romantic meal at a top notch restaurant and he
wants to take you back to his five star hotel
room afterwards, or that you spent the day
shopping with him and he wants to unwind with
you during the evening at his place or your
place. In either case, these sugar daddies know
exactly what they want from you, the question
is: do you also want it?

Furthermore, think about his marital status. If he is
a married sugar daddy, then he is looking for
someone who respects boundaries and
adjusts to his family lifestyle with ease. Sugar
babies should not expect to be called in the middle
the night, just
because he wants to know how their day was. When
he does call and wants to meet up, he is just looking
to escape for a few hours, relax and enjoy himself;
so chances are he is also hoping for a sugar baby
who will not give him a hard time about them not
seeing each other for a few days or weeks. The
same is true for a sugar daddy who is not married.
Neither of
them is
looking for a wife.

In the end, perfect adaptability to each
singular case is of utmost importance if
you want to make it in the sugar daddy
dating world.

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