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Toxic Relationships & Why Relationships Fail!

Today, there are thousands of
women in Africa who are
victims of rape through war.
Invading soldiers use rape as
a tactic to conquer rival
villages and tribes.
Once these women are raped,
they are type cast as being
“ruined” ousted out of their
village, and ostracized by
family and friends. Rape is
also spoken about in many
The concept of rape and incest
is considered taboo in virtually
every culture. It is condemned
all around the world, because it
inflicts irreparable harm to the
natural balance of relationships.

The African deity Yemaya is
considered the mother of all
deites. She is the patron of the
womb, which is the
symbolization of creation.

She is also a nurturer, much like
our Earth, she gives and loves
unconditionally. There is an
unspoken relationship between the
male and female powers, an
energy contract that makes men
the givers,

and women, the receivers. This
relationship is disrupted when
men intentionally began to expel
negative energy.

I’ve mentioned in previous articles that there is a
significant amount of energy that is exchanged
during sexual intercourse.

Auras, or bio-fields merge, and
energy are exchanged from one
person to the next. People often
wonder why men in times of
combat go off and rape women

They do it because they have a
whole bunch of built up hostility
in their auric fields. And the only
way they know how to release
this energy is through sexual

Releasing this kind of energy
into a woman’s womb is like
polluting the stream that she
and her children drink out of.
This kind of energy is toxic to a
woman’s womb

because her stream of life is tainted,
and her children and loved ones no
longer have clean water to drink
from. As a result, women become
hardened and bitter.

And men go out looking for other
streams to drink out of. Many
people believe that most men cheat
because they lack the ability to
release energy properly.

They have been unconsciously
trained to “dump” their bad energy
into a woman’s stream, her womb,
and thus never really having to deal
with their issues and emotions.

This process establishes an enabling
relationship where women began to
carry the men’s pain. Many women
wonder how men can cheat and not
feel guilty, or how they can walk away
from their families and not feel any

They can do it because they are
constantly downloading their energy
into other women. By doing this, they
are operating with a disease that they
are unaware of, and they are infecting
dozens if not hundreds of people.
We can look around us and see how this
kind of behavior affects our relationships
and families in our communities. So how
can we combat this kind of behavior? We
can first become aware. Then we work to
establish a sense of alchemy, where
negative emotions can be transformed
into positive

This will restore the balance of power that is needed for
any relationship to be successful.

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