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6 Secrets to a Successful Relationship

What do you do when you think you have
finally found the one you want to stay with?
This person is different from the rest, you have
made an emotional connection and they are
actually someone you wish to hang on to. What
does it take to keep this special person when so
many others did not work out for you?

Saving A Break Up


Physical Connection

Having a physical connection between you and your
partner is extremely important to a healthy relationship.
This means being connected at all times. Having a
physical connection goes for just cuddling in front of
the TV or what goes on in the bedroom. The human
touch can do a lot to help solidify your relationship. The
more touching there is in an affectionate way the
happier you are.

Effective Communication with Partner
Learn to communicate effectively together. This
goes beyond simply talking to each other, you have
to understand each other also. Being on the same
page about many things in your relationship and in
your lives will help the two of you grow together.

Saving A Break Up

Common Ground
Likewise you need to find some common
ground between you. These common grounds
could be based on religion or politics or just
your moral convictions. Whatever it is try to
cultivate these and the two of you will grow
closer together.

Spending Time Together
To help your relationship work you must spend some
quality time together. If you do not there will not be a
relationship to make work. It can sometimes be
difficult to find time due to busy schedules but do the
best you can. When you spend some positive time
together even when things are tough you will see
your relationship grow especially if the two of you
are committed to the cause.

Sharing Interests with Partner
When you share some of the same interests as
your partner you are a step ahead. Whatever the
interest is it does not have to be at the same level.
Your partner may be more interested in something
than you are but at least you share it. Take
advantage of these shared interests to build on
your love for life and for each other.

Time Away From Partner
At the other end of the spectrum is being able to
take some time apart. Being able to enjoy
yourself without the company of your partner
can also help you grow a stronger relationship.
Having friends outside of the relationship helps
blow off steam and gives one a break from a
sometimes stressful relationship.

If you work on these six tips even if it is over
a period of years, they will help build a
stronger relationship between you and your
partner. Always keep them in mind and use
them whenever you can.
Saving A Break Up

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