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a sa sradnelaC
Great plans evolve businesses.

Everyone uses calendars and most of us
have at least one at our home & office.
Calendars make a great promotional gift &
creates a connection between brands &

Out of all marketing channels calendars
lasts the most on single payment. People
usually keep calendars up to an year. So it
will not only reduce your marketing budget
but also be effective.
Diversity of Opportunities

Calendars provide a diversity of
opportunities, you can provide a calendars
marked with important events.

Potential Placement

Calendars are useful in promoting the
business at the right time & right place. For
example, restaurants often send sports
league calendars to everyone in their
delivery area.

Get a C u s t o m i z e d calendar at
www.c a l e n d a r - p r i n ting4u.co.uk

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